Calling this part of the world with just one word sounds like you can visit it in just 20 days, like a usual holyday, but that’s not.

I spent 24 days travelling through Cambodia Vietnam Laos, and then end up in Bangkok and now I feel I still have a lot to see.

However I had good times with friends.


We begun with Angkor temples,Cambodia.

They are near the city of Siam Reap, but located inside the jungle, and surronded by the sound of the wild.

Once you’re there you can’t think of a city nearby.

Not only the fact that the jungle surrounds the temples, and that they are well preserved,

but also the fact that you could find so many low-relief and other symbols makes these ruins very interesting.


Angokor Wat – A friend passing by the main entrance


Angkor Wat – Rising sun


Ta Phrom – Lush Vegetation


Then we spent few days in Phnom Penh, Ho chi minh and Hanoi.

During this period we tried to understand eastern societies, how people live their days, smelling new roads, eating new food, learnig about recent history, trying to catch some very typical peculiarity of the places we visited.


Phnom Pen _ Typical crossroad
Phnom Penh – Typical crossroad


Hanoi - Street Market
Hanoi – Street Market


Siem Reap - Street meal
Siem Reap – Street meal


Hanoi - Backpack and baskets
Hanoi – Backpack and baskets


Hanoi – Coffee-Shop


The reason of reaching northern Vietnam(Hanoi) was to have a trip in a couple of places considered a must to be seen.

Halong bay and Sa Pa rice fields.

Unfortunately we did short tours for both of them, and we missed a natural reserve in Halong bay and  one more certainly amazing day exeperiencing life in the countryside of Sa Pa(to which i want to reserve a special post next to this).


Halong bay - Peacefully moored
Halong bay – Peacefully moored


Halong bay - view of the archipelago
Halong bay – view of the archipelago


Sa Pa - Rice fields
Sa Pa – Rice fields


Lastly, before visiting Bangkok we had a quick stop at Luang Prabang  inside Laos.

We spent a day at Kouangxi waterfalls and a day along the river Mekong.

Nature around the lower waterfalls at Kouangxi looks enchanted,  soft colours like light blue, green that colours the water and rays of light come through the trees. The Mekong is really a large river and along its shores you could find small villages of craftsmen and Temples of Buddha.


Kouangxi – Biggest waterfall


Kouangxi – Lower waterfalls


Luang Prabang - Mekong river
Luang Prabang – Mekong river


Luang Prabang - Artisan working fabrics
Luang Prabang – Artisan working fabrics


After have dashed from a place to another we arrived in Bangkok, our last stop.

The city is very big and things to see are hundreds.

I enjoyed visiting Wat Pho, the amulets merket, and the trip we did on boat on the old part of Bangkok.

The river draws a line between wealth and poverty.

And religion seems the thing that keeps all toghether.


Bangkok - Night lights
Bangkok – Night lights


Bangkok - Siam Ocean World Acquarium
Bangkok – Siam Ocean World Acquarium


Bangkok – Floating Market


Bangkok - Giant Buddha (Wat Pho)
Bangkok – Giant Buddha (Wat Pho)


Bangkok - old Bangkok
Bangkok – old Bangkok


See you to the next post!!












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